• Ovaltine 500ml
    Ovaltine 500ml
  • Ovaltine 236ml
    Ovaltine 236ml
  • Ovaltine 240ml
    Ovaltine 240ml
  • Ovaltine 236ml x 6s
    Ovaltine 236ml x 6s
  • Ovaltine 240ml x 6s
    Ovaltine 240ml x 6s


Ovaltine nutritious malted chocolate drink was originally invented by Dr. Wander in 1904 from Switzerland as the world class nutritional malt extract beverage. The nutritional benefits of Ovaltine were soon recognized by the medical authorities and the brand was quickly launched over Europe. Today, the brand is enjoyed globally and is sold as Ovaltine in the UK, Canada, the USA, Asia and Africa.  It is called Ovalmaltine in Continental Europe and Latin America.
Ovaltine is the delicious nutrition drink for all family members to be bright and strong everyday.  Ovaltine contains Milk and Malt which provide great source of nutrition, including Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, D, E and calcium, with the chocolate taste that you love.
Ovaltine, a great source of nutrition to give your family health and strength everyday.