• Yebisu 350ml
    Yebisu 350ml
  • Yebisu 350ml 6s
    Yebisu 350ml 6s

Yebisu Beer

Since its establishment in 1890 in Tokyo, Yebisu Beer has a strong following and is one of Sapporo's mainstay brands. Yebisu was first brewed with the help of a German brewmaster with one goal in mind, to bring a new authentic German beer to Japan. Brewed adhering to the Reinheitsgebot, Bavarian Purity Law, Yebisu delivers an authentic malt beer experience.

Since then, Yebisu continues to win praises of beer drinkers both domestically and internationally, with accolades such as the gold prize at the Paris Expo in 1900. This long history drives the brand to continue to pursue the highest standard and deliver high-quality beers.

With a golden hue glimmering under a gentle froth and the toasty aroma of hops satisfying the key three qualifications of good beer, Yebisu piques the senses and delivers a rich and refined drinking experience.