Tea Story

As the Singapore No. 1 Ready-to-Drink tea, POKKA offers a wide selection of tea ranging from green tea to western tea. 100% real brewed with premium selected tea leaves, POKKA tea contains natural antioxidants and contains no preservatives and colouring – giving you the superior taste you have come to love.

Green tea

In ancient Japan, green tea was the beverage of choice for royalty. Today, POKKA brings the goodness to all — real brewed from carefully selected premium tea leaves. Contains natural antioxidants, every sip is a royal treat.

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Japanese Green Tea

Green Tea is valued for its health and restorative properties and it is the most consumed beverage in Japan. At POKKA, we offer a range of authentic Japanese Green Tea options that are 100% real brewed to cater to different taste preferences. With no preservatives and colourings, every sip contains antioxidants that improve your overall health.

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Western Milk Tea

The creaminess of high quality milk takes the taste of our real-brewed tea to a whole new level of enjoyment for tea lovers. POKKA Premium Milk Tea delights the palate with the full-bodied richness of real milk while the sweet aroma of premium tea lingers on. Perfect for those who thirst for a pampering quench. Savour the ultimate union of milk and tea with POKKA.

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Western Black Tea

There’s something unmistakably fruity about POKKA’s Black Tea range. It’s the real fruit juice we add, masterfully blended with high-grade Black Tea brewed from the premium tea leaves picked in their prime. Every sip is a super delicious quencher comes with the goodness of real fruit and the natural antioxidants of tea. With POKKA, you can always count on great taste and quali-tea!

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Chinese Tea

Rooted in almost 5,000 years of culture and tradition among Asia’s nobles, Chinese tea is favoured by tea lovers all over the world today. The finest are brewed with precision to achieve the height of flavour, while retaining the health-benefits of natural antioxidants in polyphenols found in tea leaves. Today, the POKKA Chinese Tea range continues to celebrate the treasure of Chinese tea with a selection of the best-loved flavours for modern-day enjoyment.

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